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Things not to reveal on the first date

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Tips for your first date: Things not to reveal on your first date

Your First date

Do not discuss your financial status

You are totally excited about your date as your date not only looks hot but also you people have been hitting it off quite well than you expected. In times like these, one tends to get impulsive and there’s a tendency to indulge in what might be termed as verbal diarrhoea. Everyone has skeletons hidden in their closet but be sure not to excavate them out so soon. Here’s a list of things not to reveal on your first date:

• Do not talk about your ex or exes. It is inappropriate. Period. If you do so, you automatically reveal that you’re still hung up on your ex and not ready to move on.

• Discussing the problem of previous relationships is even worse. You can’t expect your date to play your therapist. Visit a real therapist instead.

• You don’t need to share details of your past that you’re not proud of for eg. if you served in jail.

• Do not brag about how rich you are. Also don’t crib about how poor you are either. You need your date to like you for who you are not for what you possess or don’t possess.

• Avoid revealing your ideal type of date. Not only does this sound impolite, this makes the date feel inadequate or unworthy.

• Do not discuss your friends’ personal lives with your date. Also do not probe for details of your date’s friends’ personal lives.

• Revealing details about the problems in your professional life too, is a taboo.

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