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Tiger Cares for Piglets and Vice-Versa

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Tiger Cares for Piglets and Vice-Versa

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand is famous for their unique attractions, fun shows, and the ability for tourists to get close to (and often touch) the tigers. However, the most famous attraction is the couplings of pigs and tigers:

Tiger Cares for Piglets and Vice-Versa

These pictures show two year old Saimai, a Royal Bengal tigress, with the six piglets she is raising.

tiger and pig

The tiger doesn’t seem to mind the unclothed piglets, so I’m guessing the costumes were just meant to put on a cute show for the tourists. Either that or she ate the first set of tiger-clad piglets and the zoo hasn’t had time to create new outfits

Pig takes care of tiger

While the zoo and all press materials claim the pairings are completely benevolent, I personally wonder if Saimai just views her pig-raising duties as a long “getting ready for dinner” ritual.

tiger and piglets

Fittingly, Saimai herself was cared for and nursed by a pig:

Tiger and pig image
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