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A beautiful email forward-for ever

kerala friend

Forever In My Heart

Today I have an urgent need

A deep feeling in my heart ,

I must e mail my lovely friends

For we are so far apart.

I think of you so often

And pray for you this very day,

That God will bless your heart and soul

Always, in every way.

We may be friends e'er for away

And your face I may not see,

But in heart we remain as close

As if together constantly.

Your e mail are so special

Your every whisper bring you near,

Though distance seems to separate

You can only be mist dear.

A God given blessing to my day

I Thank God that He could give,

You to be my special friend

A gift forever sweet.

"God took hold your hand

And with his loving Heart

He placed it here in mine

And said we'd never part"

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