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Tips to prevent excessive sweating

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Tips to prevent excessive sweating

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.1

Hydration keeps body temperatures low and thus, less sweat will be produced. Water effectively flushes out excess minerals and pushes out all toxins and waste products. Experts recommend six to eight glasses of water daily.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.2

Stress and nervousness triggers the sweat glands and hence those who suffer from excessive sweating should lower their stress levels.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.3

Caffeine tends to cause anxiety, which in return triggers the body to excessive sweating.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.4

Yoga is one of the most natural ways to control excessive sweating. Yoga calms down the nerves and subsequently lessens sweat production.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.5

This may come as a surprise to most people but some deodorants cause more bacteria to build up on the skin, which end up setting foul odour. That's why it's important to choose a deodorant or soap that suits your body.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.6

Despite the uncomfortable effects of a cold shower, it surely works wonders. While you are at it, try using an antibacterial soap to ensure the body is clean and odour-free.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.7

While hot baths may be useful in eliminating toxins through increased body temperature, problems of excessive sweating outweigh their benefits.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.8

Instead of having hot tea and coffee, go for fresh juices, lemonade or iced-beverages to regulate your body temperature, which will prevent excessive sweating.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.9

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs make it harder for the body to control sweating.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.10

You are what you eat. Spicy foods may be delightful and tasty but they make your body sweat more frequently in short time periods.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.11

Include whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and avoid eating deep fried foods.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.12

High quality undershirts made of cotton or just a T-shirt help absorb body sweat and make it evaporate fast.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.13

Socks help keep the feet cooler, by absorbing feet perspiration and faster evaporation.

Tips to prevent excessive sweating.14

If your clothing is too tight, you are depriving your skin enough air to circulate around it. This increases sweating. During extreme hot conditions, it's a good idea to keep your collar open or simply wear light clothes like a T-shirt and pants.

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