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Cute Dogs Pics

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Most beautiful dog breeds of the world

Dogs are really beautiful and lovely. Still there are some breeds which are the most beautiful and stand out among others. Here are some of the most beautiful and lovely dogs. Enjoy!!!


They are also known as Pom pom. They are small in size and is considered as a toy dog. They are breeds from eastern Germany and Northern Poland. They are named after Pomerania region in central Europe. If trained well, Pomeranian dogs are loyal if well trained, otherwise they tend to do what they like. They respond well to noise and other disturbances through barking. Queen Victoria owned a cute Pomeranian Dog at the time and it became so popular with the number of royal owners at the time. Today Pomeranian dogs are among the 15 most popular dog breeds in USA. They are moderately strong and healthy dogs and Luxating patellas is the most common health problem of this breed.

Cute dogs-Pomeranian

Cute dogs-Pomeranian

German Shepherd

German shepherd dogs are also known as Alsatian and is originated in Germany. They are medium sized and more stronger than the Pomeranian dogs. They are working dogs. They were used to protect sheep and well known for their loyalty and intelligence. Today German Shepherd dogs are used in Police forces all over the world.

Cute dogs-German-Shepherd

Cute dogs-German-Shepherd

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever were developed as gun dogs and were bread to have a soft mouth to bring back the shot waterfowl undamaged. They have a special love of water and are well known for their intelligence and versatility. They are the fourth most popular family breeds in the world.


Cute dogs-


Great Pyrenees is the largest dog breed in United States. they were historically used as a livestock guardian dogs. Presently the dog is the official dog of the royal French court.

Cute dogs-Great-Pyrenees

Cute dogs-Great-Pyrenees

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is a breed originated eastern Siberia. They are medium sized working dogs popular in their active energetic and resilient skills. They can withstand extreme cold and harsh environment.

Cute dogs-Siberian-Husky

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