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A Journey to the centre of the Earth

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What is at the centre of Earth?
Have you ever wondered what is at the centre of the Earth. Anyway, it is not the same as in the film “A journey to the centre of the Earth”. Since nobody has ever reached there, all concepts are just hypotheses and not a scientific reality. The current concept about the centre of the Earth is derived from the studies conducted with the Seismic waves transmitted as a result of Earth quakes. The waves are recorded at various stations and are analysed by the scientists to draw a reasonable conclusion about what would be at the centre of Earth. The basic idea is that different materials transmit Seismic waves at different speed which gives an idea about the structure inside Earth at different parts.
Centre of Earth-a cut section
Scientists have classified various layers of Earth based on the density of material at each layers. It is believed that at the centre, there is the most dense area filled with Iron and Nickel. The heaviest material may be at the centre and the lightest at the outer areas of Earth. Basically, there are four layers of earth as the crust, Mantle, Core and the Inner core.

Crust is the thinnest layer and is mainly composed of Rocks. The temperature is slightly lower than the atmospheric temperature and may vary from 0 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. It has a thickness of up to 30 KM from the outer surface of the Earth.

Mantle is the thickest layer of the earth with the thickness of around 2900 KM inside the Earth. This layer is mainly composed of Plastic, Iron, Aluminium, Magnesium, Silicon and Oxygen. Temperature inside the Mantle varies from 1000 degree Celsius to 3700 degree Celsius.

Just below the Mantle is the Core of the earth that has a thickness of 2300Km and is 5200Km away from the outer surface of the earth. This layer is mainly composed of liquid Iron and Sulphur. The temperature varies from 3700 degree Celsius to 4300 degree Celsius.

There is another layer inside the Core and is the Inner core. There is no confirmatory evidences to the presence of this layer. It is believed that the inner core of the Earth is composed of high thickness and high density Iron. Scientists could not find out the exact from of the Iron present at this layer. It is hypothesized that the temperature at this layer will be greater than the temperature on the surface of the Sun. Since we cannot create such a high temperature and pressure on a laboratory, there is no specific hypothesis regarding the structure of the Iron present on the Inner core of the Earth.

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